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Astrology Charts and Readings
Your natal chart is beautifully presented in a choice of formats. A view of the energies surrounding you at present and how they may manifest is also discussed with a printed 'time map' of the next 8 months. ...see the Astrology Charts and Readings page ››

A combination of standard counselling, psychotherapy and astrology. Strict confidentiality is adhered to and professional practice.
50 minutes - $140

Reiki Sessions
The body has access to an abundance of energy by the gentle placing of hands. It is relaxing and uplifting process which can assist in balancing health and energy levels; on the physical, emotional mental and spiritual planes. Ideal gift.
1 hour - $60

Reflexology Sessions
Reflexology is a wonderful massage of the feet to relax the nervous system, improve circulation and revive all the body systems. To assist the body to heal itself in any area - physical, emotional or spiritual.
1 hour - $60

Bach Flowers
These natural flower remedies work well with the transit of planets for healing. An individual bottle of Bach flowers and a beautiful natal chart come with this session.

Gypsy Tarot Readings
These cards coupled with an astrology chart can assist in awareness of our situations and decision making.

Quality gemstone and sterling silver products.
...see the Jewellery page for details ››


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